we teach Ed Parkers American Kenpo Karate system. We encourage you to see what we are about & what YOU could be missing. We are here to change your life."> American Kenpo Acadmey, Karate, Londonderry, nh

We will take you on a Karate journey that will help you in a profound way unlike anything you've ever experienced. It will help you with everything you do in life. Karate is a great starting point for any age and a great base, especially for children. This is something you will take with you to your job, home or school.

  We teach Ed Parkers American Kenpo Karate system for ages 3-adult. We encourage you to take the time to go through our website so you have a full understanding of how our Academy works, what we have to offer, and most importantly why and how we can benefit you and your family.  

You learn at your own pace and are treated as an individual. You will learn to defend yourself or get out of a bad situation, and you will learn better self control and self discipline. 

This is a very family oriented system that will benefit each and every member of your family.

  Adults have a place to relieve stress from the day and they feel good about themselves.

We have adults on our mats that NEVER would have joined before seeing our classes.

We have many families who join together, which enhances communication  with each other. 

Keeping communication open with your child today can help them make good decisions in life.

Children and teenagers now have a place to release their energy and have fun. They are taught self control when dealing with bullies at school; we help with their self esteem, self discipline, their focus for better grades at school, and more. They learn how to develop balance and coordination through our unique drill sets which help with their athletic endeavors.

We have given people a place to come and be themselves. Judgment does not exist when you walk through our door. Everyone is expected to respect and help their fellow students. One student is no better than the next regardless of their belt level. 

I am proud to say that here at our Academy, our kids of all ages and adults, tell us how much they love it here and it feels like a second home because of the atmosphere we created. 
That is exactly what we wanted to achieve.  

According to our parents, they have seen a lot of changes in their child at home and at school; their behavior is better, even when dealing with their siblings.

Our goal is to offset the negative influences in life, more importantly to
"Change Lives One Person at a Time."

A positive outlook in life + self confidence + respect = Success


 We REQUIRE good grades, to go to your next belt level, respect of others, and to be the best you can be.

                              Give yourself and your child a chance to be involved in something that will teach them to be a leader, not a follower. This is rewarding, fun, and great for your health!       

                  It is our job as parents and teachers to help our kids today.

Why not start with Karate which will give them what they need. 

This is something that has a positive potential for changing you or your child's life. 

Get started now!!
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